My Top Beauty Products I use

We know that we aren't the only ones who obsess over beauty products right? I like to keep my shelves stocked with as many as I can. I will try anything! Any face masks, scrubbers, peels, you name it. Below I shared my top favorite products that I use on a daily. A few products that I use that keep my looking and feeling beautiful. Check it out and let me know what products you use below.


Top 10 things I do to Maintain Happiness

Happiness is such an interesting subject. Recently, a friend and I were talking about what it really means to be happy, and I still don’t know the answer. To be transparent, my friend told me that she felt I wasn’t happy with my life right now because I don’t have a great job, and my living situation isn’t the best therefore I am “thus unhappy” and that I need to deal with it.

She was right. My job isn’t the best, and my life could be better all around, but I didn’t feel “unhappy”... I can’t remember a time in my life where I was truly happy with every aspect of my life, but I never feel unhappy unless I am sad. I manage to find happiness in everything and mainly the things I can control. For instance, I dance every single day. I find happiness in it, so I do it. In my life I am happy most of the time because I vowed to myself to treat myself well (as much as possible). I surround myself with good people with good uplifting and positive energy, and I do things that make me feel alive like traveling, singing dancing, reading more fashion magazines and eating good cuisine at least once every week.

Truth is, I have dreams for myself and plans for the future and just because I am not there yet doesn’t mean that I am unhappy or won’t be happy until I get there. I believe that happiness is a state of mind whether life is great or not so great. It’s a choice, and I choose happiness no matter what and I encourage you to do the same because life is way too short not to. I tend to look at things like they are only temporary and I will enjoy them for now even until not so great situations change. So even with all the things I am “unhappy” with, I still manage to find happiness. It is all about your perspective!

Listed below are my top 10 favorite things to do to maintain my happiness.

1. I pray. The first thing I do is talk to God and I tell Him what's going on. Sometimes I cry and sometimes I just sit and talk.

2. I listen to afrobeats. Listening to afrobeats makes me so happy! You wouldn't believe how much life and joy is in the music for me.

3. I dance. Almost everyday because I really love dancing.

4. I unplug from everyone and everything. It's always good to take a break (for me). Sometimes people drain me so I need a break. lol I often call it a small sabbatical and my friends laugh, but I need it.

5. I eat my favorite foods. My favorite foods are mainly fufu and soup, a pot of crab legs, lemon pepper wings from the best wing places in Atlanta, and pizza (but only New York style or Italian style pizza).

6. I call a friend. This always helps me.

7. I have a spa day. I take a day to pamper and revitalize myself.

8. I work on THEBEAUTYCAMPAIGN. It brings me joy to see the site grow and the supporters grow.

9. I sing. I sing at the top of my lungs sometimes. I look at it as singing the pain away. Lol

10. I travel. If I can, I will hop on a plane and go somewhere and do something fun.

I hope this helps! What do you do to maintain your happiness? Tell me below, and as always have a very beautiful day.




The moment we've all been waiting for right? We've been talking about this makeover for almost 2 months, and thank God IT'S FINALLY HERE! A good friend of mine, Cherie from @cheriebeauty23 reached out to me about colloborating to give a deserving woman a makeover and the rest was history. I reached out to everyone I know in the beauty industry and we were able to sponsor one lady to get her hair done, nails done, make-up done, and a new outfit. 

This is a new series for us at THEBEAUTYCAMPAIGN. Throughout this entire year we will give away a makeover every time we run a campaign so don't hesitate to nominate yourself or someone you know who deserves it. Stay tuned for our next makeover date so that you can apply! Huge shout out to the team who went above and beyond for the makeover contestant, Alexis Palmer. Be sure to follow them at @Samautumnn @curebychrista @_herkloset.

Enough chatting! Check out the makeover below and let us know what you think


 Confession: I Vallon Jolly (Josey)  have felt so ugly for the last 3 years. Yes it’s true! Although I am part owner of The Beauty Campaign. I have been unable to see my own beauty. If you’re wondering what happened 3 years ago, I will gladly share. I got married and I had my second child. These times were the happiest times of my life and I still didn’t feel beautiful. I seemed to be in a constant state of transition. For as long as I can remember I have loved fashion. I dreamed of being married, having kids, and being a business woman. Though I became a mom at 19. It wasn’t until 10 1/2 years later my dream of getting engaged and having another child was realized.  After having my second child my weight was higher than ever. I didn’t fully embrace my new roll as wife and it felt like such a struggle to maintain my normal beauty habits and routines. 2 1/2 years later and I gave birth to my third child. Seeing my beauty became even harder. Skin issues ( living with sever eczema for 33 years), dental issues, weight issues, consistency issues, and low energy levels aided to my inability to see my beauty. THEBEAUTYCAMPAIGN's goal is to teach women to see themselves through the eyes of God. As well as teaching the importance of cultivating beauty from within. So when I decided to fully resume my position with THEBEAUTYCAMPAIGN. It meant I had to live the motto. So how am I taking back how I define my beauty you ask? I first have changed my thoughts about my beauty. Part of Psalm 23:7 says So as a man think so is he.I changed my mind and when I looked in the mirror I instantly saw myself differently.

Changing my mind has also caused me to change my words. I no longer speak negative things (even if they’re my current reality). So that means no more saying things like I am fat, I’m tired, I can’t, or I  look a mess. With new thinking comes a new me.  I am taking my beauty back by reestablishing my goals and dreams to fit my current lifestyle. Mark 2:22 NIV: And no one pours new wine into old wineskins. Otherwise, the wine will burst the skins, and both the wine and the wineskins will be ruined. No, they pour new wine into new wineskins. This was one of the most pivotal scriptures for me. I realized that I was trying to fit my old ways of being in my new roles. “I am embracing healthier relationships with everything. This includes food, water  exercise, my family my words, and my money. Just about a month of switching my juice and dark cokes and pepsis out for 60-100 ounces of water a day and eating less with no working out, I have lost 7 pounds. Everyday I see women I know and admire, as well as some I don’t but also admire living their best life. This recently led me to ask myself some really hard questions.  Was I living my life through the lens of comparison? Comparison-the thief of  joy.  Had I let my genuine admiration and inspiration of these women turn into covetousness and jealously? Ultimately I realized that I was comparing, feeling unfulfilled and a little jealous. Hard admission but so necessary. I have always relished in seeing other people do well. I have always supported others in a way that I felt it in my core. However I spent so many times feeling hopeless and bound by my short comings. I started to feel like that was certainly my forever reality.  Glory to God, I have snapped out of that alternate universe. I have entered into a heavenly reality. God doesn’t create us in a way that he only favors or makes it so only some of us can achieve success. He has laws in the earth that are here to benefit all who properly follow them. Romans 2:11 NIV: For God does not show favoritism (Cues organ and inserts a shout). As I said earlier I stopped saying negative things about myself. However I have now replaced those things with positive affirmations. This is a process we like to call weeding and seeding. Self Care is another way I am taking my beauty back. This isn’t just manicures, and beautiful baths. Spiritually I am taking time everyday to spend in Gods presence, pray, and study God’s word.  Mentally I am strengthening my mind with reading, and meditating on God’s promises, and furthering my education. Physically I am becoming more active daily, and to date I am enjoying the process. Looking forward to a beautiful future all while appreciating the beauty of the present.


Hello beauty campers,


The end of the year is here, and I can’t help but ask was it all that you hoped it would be? Did you do what you needed to do this year, and did you reach your goals? I ask because the end of the year is always a time of reflection for me. I reflect on how the year went, what goals did I reach and what new goals I will set for the year ahead. I really like to set goals and PLAN. But while the new year can be refreshing for some us to enter, it can also be a drag for some of us. I remember starting this year off so wrong, wondering why on earth was I STILL in love with someone who didn’t deserve my love. I was so depressed, and I can only imagine how many other people start their brand new year off in a slump like I did, non of my beauty campaigners I hope! But if you do find yourself in a slump, GET UP and let’s reflect on the year. It’s always good to take out a sheet of paper and reflect on the good things that happened because we tend to only remember the negative. Trust me, this will enhance your mood and also help you to goal set for the new year.

Let’s reflect shall we?

This year, we turned 3. Happy belated birthday us! This year we were invited to two speaking engagements for the first time EVER at Georgia State University and at Luella High School. We launched our biggest campaign yet, ‘TAKING BACK THE DEFINITION OF BEAUTY. We hosted a successful Secret Garden Party (it was AMAZING). I faced my fear and recorded our first vlog “An inside look into THEBEAUTYCAMPAIGN’ where I talked about why I started the campaign. We were invited to host a major concert on the behalf of hurricane victims. We sponsored a makeover for a deserving woman. We traveled to Barcelona and Ghana.

Despite how the year started, this year was great and I know for a fact that it will be even better for 2018. We have so many campaigns coming, and we just hope you’re ready for it. More than anything, we look forward to connecting with you all more and really creating a sisterhood of women! In 2018 we are campaigning all over the world! It’s going to be a great year for THEBEAUTYCAMPAIGN and for YOU! Make sure you reflect on your year and set your goals (aim high) for the New Year!

Here we come 2018! You’re not ready for this takeover, but we are!



FullSizeRender 2.jpg


Hello beauty campaigners,



It’s been a while, I know, but we’re really are back now and we’re bbetter than ever! A lot has changed. We now campaign 3 times a year instead of 1, our garden parties are better, and our global stretch is expanding. We are reaching women all over the world and it is exciting!

As we embark on our biggest campaign yet, TAKING BACK THE DEFINITION OF BEAUTY, with women all over the world, we are also giving away 1 free makeover to a woman who needs to take back her definition of beauty. THEBEAUTYCAMPAIGN will sponsor one special lady to get her hair, make-up, and nails done as well as sponsor her to a new outfit and photo shoot all FOR FREE. We have teamed up with some of Atlanta’s best beauty gurus! The team is AMAZING and we are looking for one special woman to pour into. So if you are that woman or you know someone who is deserving of this once in a lifetime opportunity email us at We will also give away one free registration into our campaign. It’s the holidays and we are filled with holiday cheer, so this is our gift to you for being our awesome supporters.

Nominations end on Fri. 12/15 so hurry and tell us why you or someone that you know deserves this opportunity, and if you haven't already register for our campaign. Click the link "CAMPAIGN WITH US".

As always, have a beautiful day!




It’s no secret that our campaign theme is TAKING BACK THE DEFINITION OF BEAUTY. On January 1st we will join forces with women all over the world and campaign for inner beauty, and what this campaign means to me, is giving women the chance to define beauty on their own terms. I don’t want to live in a world where your judgement of me holds any power regarding the way I view myself, and I want the same for all women. I want to live in a world where people are considered beautiful for who they are, not just how they look. Lastly, I don't want to live in a world where women are broken and have no sense of self love or worth, and ultimately I just want to put inner beauty on a platform just as external beauty has it’s own platform.

No one talks about service to others, the way you treat yourself and the way you treat others. Only what will make you look good externally, and I believe that it’s time to take back the definition of beauty from the “eyes of the beholder” and give it back to who actually holds it, and that is YOU! No one should be able to tell us that we are less than exceptional for not fitting in society’s limited scope of beauty, and even if they do we don’t have to believe it or accept it. Will you take back the definition of beauty with me? 


This is our biggest campaign yet and we're excited about it. Take some time to click the "CAMPAIGN WITH US" link above and sign up if not for yourself, for someone who needs this. Sign up NOW! Go ahead and click the link above. It's there for you.

Share with us why you're taking back the definition of beauty in the comment section after you've registered. We're looking forward to campaigning with you.




As many of you know, we hosted our first Secret Garden Party of 2017 this past weekend, and it was one for the books! We had the honor of hosting some of the most beautiful women, and we had a wonderful time introducing them to a party that has a major purpose; which is to uplift women globally. It was a beautiful experience to say the least, and it really is one of those things where you would’ve had to be there to fully understand, because what happens at THESECRETGARDENPARTY is a secret. And although I can’t go too far in detail, I can tell you that there are women from all over the city that meet up over food and conversation, and the party ends up taking a life of it’s own. I would say it’s magical but it’s not, it’s women supporting women and that has an affect on the energy in the room. THESECRETGARDENPARTY is something that I believe every woman should experience, at least once in her life. Women leave empowered to not just look beautiful but FEEL beautiful, and that is our number one goal.

THEBEAUTYCAMPAIGN’s mission is to take THESECRETGARDENPARTY around the world and we are going to. Detroit, you’re next up on our list. Get ready to have the time of your life while connecting with women while being empowered.

If you want us in your city, town, country, write us and tell us why! Dubai, Ghana, Miami, Phoenix, you are on our list. So ready, set, go!

My Favorite Garden

It’s no secret that I LOVE gardens, hence The Secret Garden Party, which happens to be an extension of my love for all things green and beautiful. There’s just something about the beauty of a garden that gets me every time; whether it’s planting vegetables with my friends, picking strawberries and blueberries with my sisters, or visiting gardens/ Le jardins in Paris, or visiting local flower shops, I can’t get enough! I’m one of those girls where, YES get me flowers for every holiday. Bring me fresh ingredients from a local market or farm any day! Take me berry picking any day, and I will love you forever.

Mainly, I feel rejuvenated when I’m in a garden. The concept of planting something in the ground and watching it sprout and have life and produce life is a powerful and beautifully extraordinary concept. My philosophy is, “The more lush the greenery, the better. The more roses, the sweeter. And the more living foods the healthier” (all things found in a garden, of course).  I look forward to one day having a vegetable and rose garden of my own, like Aunty Oprah. I was so inspired by Michelle Obama’s initiative to plant a vegetable garden at the white house, and to leave her mark there in that way.

There’s just so much life in gardens that I want to be around them and share my love for them with you all. Here are a few of the gardens I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying.

As always, have a beautiful day and be sure to register for THESECRETGARDENPARTY, the list closes tomorrow! Love you, all!

 The rooftop garden at the Met Museum. NYC

The rooftop garden at the Met Museum. NYC

 The Garden at the Louvre Museum, Paris

The Garden at the Louvre Museum, Paris

 The Botanical Garden, ATL

The Botanical Garden, ATL

 The Louvre Museum Garden, Paris

The Louvre Museum Garden, Paris

 The Garden at the Palace of Versai, France

The Garden at the Palace of Versai, France

 Rose Garden, Aruba

Rose Garden, Aruba

Parisian beauty

"A place I would visit over and over again" 

This is a hard one for me because I’ve always been in love with Paris, France but I recently took a trip to Ghana and although it has quickly become one of my favorites, Paris remains number one. Sorry Ghana. I love you though (thoroughly). lol.

My trips to Paris are always too beautiful for words. I really like to immerse myself in culture and when I am in Paris I like to parooz the streets and eat at the local cafes, stop by the flower shops and end the night with the eiffel tower in view, preferably from my hotel room. 

I don’t know, just being enamored with fashion culture and everything feminine Paris just does it for me. It’s the fashion and beauty product capital of the world so it's always fun to visit. Soft notes of romance in the architecture, sweet treats, and wine and not to mention Paris just has the romance factor down pack. It has amazing museums and art culture and it seems like everyone is in love and just enjoys life, not to mention THE BREAD! OH M GEE, it is divine! Better than anything you’ll ever taste in life. Every time I go, I have a croissant and cappuccino for breakfast, a croissant for snack throughout the day, and a sandwich on french bread. Too much bread, I know but how can one resist the sheer temptation. I visit the monuments, of course. There’s the illustrious Eiffel tower, the Louvre, Notre Damn, Champs Elysse, Arche de triumph, and just beautiful scenery. I love having a balcony in my hotel room to just stare out of the window and take it all in. Paris is amazing! 

Please share with me your Parisian experience or if you want to go someday drop some questions below. Until next time, have a beautiful day everyone.




Now that the dust has settled, I have time to talk about my amazing trip to Ghana. 

When I think of Ghana, I think pure joy. I think how many Secret Garden parties can I throw and have fresh foods that aren’t genetically modified? How many campaign’s can I host? How many little people can I hug and encourage? How many new friends can I meet? If you can’t tell, I had a blast from the cool summer heat, the to the fresh white pineapple for breakfast, to the kabobs & plantain chips, to the people with insane rhythm and kindness. Hopefully I am painting an awesome picture because I thought everything was awesome!

I was fortunate to travel to Accra, Ghana with a travel group, @AfokoAdventures, that ended up being me and my close friends with some of their close friends. Lol. We were taken all around Ghana and given a very authentic Ghanaian experience, and I have to say that it felt like home. Our tour guide even welcomed us back home. Can you say emotional??? This trip was my first time in Africa, and it is such a beautiful place that everyone should visit at least once.

I got the opportunity to tour a slave castle, which was one of the most chilling experiences EVER. I got to see first hand how slaves were sold and treated. There was absolutely no regard for their lives (and still isn’t but that’s a convo for another day). The experience was overwhelming, mind-blowing, and just what I needed as a welcome to the motherland. 

Our travel group was instructed to bring school supplies to donate to a local school, and I could cry writing about it. The kids were AMAZING! When we stepped out of the car they ran to us full speed with so much love and excitement that we came to visit. It was an incredible feeling that I can’t even describe so I won’t, but it was amazing more so to see how happy they were. The school was so hot and they had NO water because the water was too salty. Visiting each class room made me want to cry because it was just the bare minimum for the kids but they enjoyed learning. I never want to take anything for granted ever again.

I got a chance to sing at a service of 200 youth and was encouraged to use my gift, and I will (I promise Lord). That was probably the highlight of the trip for me. I got to dance with a dance group and it was so fun that I didn’t want to stop dancing. They were amazing and so patient to teach us a dance that they choreographed. I brought back some really cool dance moves thanks to them, but if I mentioned everything we did, we would be here all day so I will end with saying that I have never been so proud to be African American. Thank you Ghana for the amazing experience and a view of a people that work in the heat of the day, no ac many of times, little to no amenities, and they just do it. I came back a whole new woman with kindness of a Ghanaian and endurance to work hard with no complaints! 

If you get a chance to visit the motherland go! Until then, have a beautiful day!

 After we toured the whole slave castle. Fist up in the air. Proud to be African

After we toured the whole slave castle. Fist up in the air. Proud to be African

 Was so glad to have my two good girl friends with me.

Was so glad to have my two good girl friends with me.

 The passage way to the slave dungeon

The passage way to the slave dungeon

 Spinach stew. Tastes so good!

Spinach stew. Tastes so good!

 Yoga class with @namasteyogagh

Yoga class with @namasteyogagh

 streets in Ghana

streets in Ghana

 Where slaves were deported. So sad!

Where slaves were deported. So sad!

 a bowl to wash your hands

a bowl to wash your hands

 My favorite part of the trip. This was incredible

My favorite part of the trip. This was incredible

 love her!

love her!

 Slave castle

Slave castle

Roasted heaven

On today’s episode of cooking with Dre’ we are making the most delicious roasted tomato soup! I recently bought Christy Teigen’s cookbook, Cravings, and I am now I’m all of a sudden a master chef and hosting Cooking with Dre’ episodes on the blog. That was pretty fast! lol On a more serious note, I’ve always had a love for culinary arts (from a far). I mean I like to eat restaurant style daily, and the most affordable way to do that is to grab a great cookbook and get to cooking. My most favorite thing to eat during the winter is soup! I love a good soup, especially during the winter time. I like to grab a bowl, a blanket, and a book! So cozy right? I really enjoyed this roasted tomato soup and it is now on my list of healthy BEAUTYCAMPAIGN approved meals to make, and it's totally vegan friendly as well. I will list the ingredients below so that you can try it at home.

Oh and always remember what we preach at THEBEAUTYCAMPAIGN, that beauty first starts within and that includes what you consume! What yummy beautiful meals are you making? Share with me below!


What you'll need

4 pounds ripe tomatoes (Roma, plum, vine-ripened, whatever)

1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil

1 table spoon kosher salt

1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper

3 herb sprigs (rosemary, thyme, oregano, whatever)

plus more for garnish

2 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil

1 small onion, finely diced

5 cloves garlic, minced

2 1/2 cups low-sodium chicken broth (or veggie broth)

Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper


 Bon apetite!

Bon apetite!

How to shake depression

A few days ago, right before the New Year, I started feeling overly anxious and really down, so much so that I brought in this year depressed. I know, who brings in the New Year sad? Hashtag, me guys.

Let’s go back. A few days ago I sent a text to my friends to tell them that I wasn’t doing so good. I NEVER send texts like this because I don't believe in pity parties, but the anxiety I was feeling really began to weigh on my body, so I had to say something. Within a few short minutes of sending the text I got a face time call from two of my friends, who didn’t hesitate for one moment and were on it before I could say another word. Filled with concern, they knew the right words of encouragement to get me back in good spirits again. I mean I was so down that my boss noticed, my mom could hear it in my voice, and I just wanted to be alone.

Truth is, I didn't want to admit that I was depressed because when you admit it, it's really real. I didn't want to be depressed, but I had been out of commission for two weeks (maybe more). It started off with missing a few days at the gym. Guys I NEVER miss the gym. I missed my morning devotions and prayer time, and I worked minimally. I worked so hard on relaunching THEBEAUTYCAMPAIGN, endless nights and early mornings, but I felt like I needed a break. 

Sure enough two weeks had gone by and I was just off my normal routine. This was the demise of my emotions and I fell into a slump, otherwise known as depression. No gym, no prayer, real productivity. My friend Borley knew exactly why I had fallen, and she didn’t hesitate to tell me that I had been so unproductive within the last two weeks. And she went on to explain to me that when you don't do what you know you should do it can cause emotional drought. She went on to say that, "Happiness is one productive activity away". She encouraged me to return to my productive lifestyle.

My other friend, Peace went on to encourage me as well and told me that “One must take time to dig the well before you get thirsty”, and that I cannot allow myself to get down without putting in work to uplift MYSELF. We ended the face time call in prayer. Needless to say, it is so nice to have friends like them.

While my lack of productivity cause me to be slumped, and that may seem like a first world problem, depression is REAL. It is very real and it is not a healthy emotion, so if you like myself are battling depression this very moment, I challenge you to take back your life! I’ve been depressed before. Quite frankly, three years ago I started this business depressed, but there IS light at the end of that very dark tunnel. It is not easy to see it, and it is not easy to get out of it, but YOU CAN and YOU MUST!

I am here to be a voice of encouragement for all of those that are experiencing a heaviness of heart. You can not allow another day to pass and you not do something to shake yourself loose of depression. I have listed 6 steps to take back your life because you just have to!

1. REACH OUT TO SOMEONE- Get the help you need! I am fortunate enough to have a world class family and support system filled with great friends, church family and even my boss so when I am feeling down I know that I don’t have to go through it alone, and neither do you. You HAVE to reach out to the people around you that will uplift you and won’t let you go through it alone. Talk to a positive relative, friend, Pastor or even a therapist but talk to someone.

1. GET UP AND BE PRODUCTIVE- You heard me. Work on your business. Work on your house. Fold clothes, meal prep, make a list, check it twice and complete it. Continue to strive to be the best you possible. Set goals, and make plans to reach those goals.

2. WORKOUT- working out has been so good to me. Not only have I lost weight, I but everyday I release awesome endorphins that start my days in pure bliss. When I leave the gym, most days, I just feel good. When you feel good it enhances your mood.

3. HAVE DEVOTION TIME- I am a Christian so I get in the Word of God. It is like medicine for the soul. I play Psalms 119 on my Bible app. I sing worship songs and I cry out to the Lord and I tell Him how I feel. 

“Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you”- 1 Peter 5:7

4. EAT HEALTHIER FOODS- Again, when you feel good internally it enhances your mood. When you are depressed you tend to feel down, sluggish, like you just want to sleep. You must eat more foods that produce LIFE! Increase your veggies and TAKE YOUR VITAMINS. You need all of the energy you can get because there is a war within and you must WIN IT!

5. INDULDGE IN POSITIVE PODCASTS- There’s nothing like an uplifting podcast, youtube video, or sermon. You must learn to pour into yourself and listening to awesome messages on self love and value really help with uplifting your spirit.

6. Last but not least, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE POSITIVE FRIENDS- The Lord Himself blessed me with two awesome women of God in my life. They encourage me in my business, in my non existent love life, and with my goals. They help to sharpen me in my areas of weakness and besides all of that, they are a really good time. We do everything together from travel, to dining, to girls night in, to praying every time one of us has an issue (because it’s not a game).

I am not a doctor but these steps helped me tremendously and I hope they help you!If you are currently battling depression please contact me by clicking the contact section of home page. Remember that it is not necessarily about what we go through but how we go through it. And my prayer for you all is that you will come out on top! Until next time, please have a beautiful evening!






 This pic was taken on New Years day. I might have been sad but I knew I wasn't going to stay down. I also knew that I would slay the year!

This pic was taken on New Years day. I might have been sad but I knew I wasn't going to stay down. I also knew that I would slay the year!

2017 GOALS

You should know by now that THEBEAUTYCAMPAIGN means business. Seriously, as a company we are kicking butt and taking names! This year we have reached every goal we set out to achieve, and by the looks of it our 2017 will be even better because we GOAL SET. Goal setting is so important guys when you have a dream or desire for your life

This year has been awesome for us. We successfully relaunched our business,  hosted 4 secret garden parties and one party in NYC, and we relaunched our actual campaign for inner beauty, and started an awesome blog (wink wink). While there is so much more in store for THEBEAUTYCAMPAIGN we want to make sure our readers are also on the path to greatness. The last thing you should do is enter the new year without goals, and because it can be hard to get motivated, we are here to help motivate you. We are sharing a few of our goals for the New Year to hopefully inspire you to create your own! 



1. To create a global brand

    -host a global campaign

    -host garden parties around the world

    -have beauty campaign affiliates globally

2. Have 2 secret garden parties

    -opulent impactful parties with over 100 women

    -awesome speakers to attend 

    -photo booth

Change the world

    3.Continue to expand the brand

    -Create product lines for campaigns and garden parties

Hire interns


 our favorite moments of 2016

our favorite moments of 2016

 We had 1,000 views in our first week

We had 1,000 views in our first week

 When we launched are website in New York city

When we launched are website in New York city

 Our first Secret Garden party was such a success

Our first Secret Garden party was such a success

 We launched our campaign that begins on the 1st of the New Year

We launched our campaign that begins on the 1st of the New Year

The myth about water

One of my goals this year was to increase my daily water intake for multiple reasons: clear skin, improving digestion, weightloss, etc, but mainly I wanted to simply glow from within and not just because I bought a highly pigmented highlighter from NARS. I wanted to glow with or without the help of cosmetic section in Sephora. I mean I love make-up, but any good make up artist will tell you that a beautiful face starts with beautiful skin, and in my search to discovering how to have healthier skin the consensus was to consume less sugary drinks and consume more water. Go figure, water really is the cure all. I remember when I used to work for doctors and they recommended water for EVERYTHING, and even when I first met my personal trainer and how she told me to increase my water intake to see the best results for my health goals. 

So this year I took everyones advice and consumed nothing but water, a gallon a day in fact and an occasional glass of red, but I am here to give you my personal opinion on the benefits and the myth behind only drinking water. Drinking only water has aided in my journey to healthy skin and becoming healthier overall, but after an entire year I haven’t yet achieved the NARS highlighted glow without having to apply makeup. In other words, I don’t think drinking only water has helped my skin to glow. Since starting my journey to becoming a healthier version of myself I learned that water is very acidic and that it is best to drink water where the ph levels are balanced, otherwise known as alkaline water. This water is typically more expensive to purchase, but it is better for you. I am looking forward to another year of only water, but I will be upgrading my water to alkaline water because it neutralizes the acid in the bloodstream, it helps to metabolize nutrients more effectively, and leads to better health. 

As always, I hope you have a beautiful day and cheers to the New Year. Be sure to drink lots of water!


Bath time beauty benefits

I rest so minimally these days because my brain is on constant “go mode”. It usually goes something like: brand, market, research, work, email, repeat, so resting is not always easy for me. With that being said I have to make sure that I take time to take care of myself and rest in a way that I can, and my favorite thing to do to ensure that is to treat myself to a hot relaxing bath.

Bath time is my favorite time. Whether I grab a cup of tea, a book to read, or a tv show to watch, I am SOAKING and submerged in hot steamy water. It’s like my break from the world. From soaking away the day, or the pain of an intense workout, or just simply RELAXING it is my time to take a moment to breathe, and it has been very therapeutic to say the least! I pretty much take some kind of themed bath daily (outside of my showering just for normal cleanliness) lol. Bath time has it’s perks and I want to share a few of my favorite themed bath methods and some really cool beauty tips as it relates to simply taking a bath.


One of my favorite baths to take are epsom salt baths. 

Epsom salt helps with easing pain, mainly physical but emotional as well because it actually absorbs through the skin and help to receive muscle tension/pain, and it even helps to relieve stress. Because of the magnesium in it even helps with detoxifying and it helps to exfoliate dead skin cells (probably why my skin is so soft)lol. I use the Dr. Teal's soothe & sleep with lavender photographed below! Lets just say it is heavenly and it smells so good!


                                             My second favorite is a Lush bath!  I usually use their bath bombs and let’s just say, taking a lush bath just feels like pure luxury. They have such a tantalizing aroma that fills the atmosphere with pure bath bliss. They have over 30 different bath bombs that go into your bath water, and they have amazing beauty benefits because they are filled with essential oils that aid in healthy skin.

                                            My second favorite is a Lush bath!

I usually use their bath bombs and let’s just say, taking a lush bath just feels like pure luxury. They have such a tantalizing aroma that fills the atmosphere with pure bath bliss. They have over 30 different bath bombs that go into your bath water, and they have amazing beauty benefits because they are filled with essential oils that aid in healthy skin.

                                          My third favorite is a  rose milk bath  What can I say, a girl loves her flowers, and I LOVE rose milk baths. From hosting beautiful garden parties and creating flower crowns to help spread women empowerment, it's not a secret that I love flowers, especially roses, so a rose milk bath is right up my alley! I don’t do this often but when I do, can we just say soft supply delicate romance for your body. Cleopatra enjoyed these baths as well and went on record of saying that it helped to keep her skin youthful as well as maintain her beauty. They really help to moisturize and soothe dry skin. Milk has it’s fair share of minerals and vitamins that make bathing in milk beneficial. Lets just say after taking one of these baths , get ready for an awesome glow!


My third favorite is a  rose milk bath

What can I say, a girl loves her flowers, and I LOVE rose milk baths. From hosting beautiful garden parties and creating flower crowns to help spread women empowerment, it's not a secret that I love flowers, especially roses, so a rose milk bath is right up my alley! I don’t do this often but when I do, can we just say soft supply delicate romance for your body. Cleopatra enjoyed these baths as well and went on record of saying that it helped to keep her skin youthful as well as maintain her beauty. They really help to moisturize and soothe dry skin. Milk has it’s fair share of minerals and vitamins that make bathing in milk beneficial. Lets just say after taking one of these baths , get ready for an awesome glow!

                                          I've managed to narrow down my top three favorite "themed" baths and I  relax for 30 minutes soaking away the worries or stressors of the day. If you want more details or if you're a person that loves baths too comment below.   


I've managed to narrow down my top three favorite "themed" baths and I  relax for 30 minutes soaking away the worries or stressors of the day. If you want more details or if you're a person that loves baths too comment below.